nxt 2.0 angel one : Full Information, Refer and Earn

After joining nxt 2.0 Angel One DRA Program, you become a partner of Angel One and the limit of referring Angel One ends.

Angel One nxt 2.0 DRA Refer and Earn is different from the Angel One Refer and Earn program. You get a voucher on referral in Refer and Earn program but you get real money in Angel One DRA Refer and Earn program.

Angel One nxt 2.0 Registration

Angel One DRA is such a program that by joining you become its partner. After becoming an Angel One partner, the limit for referring someone ends.

After this you can earn money by referring as many people as you want. Apart from this you also get 20% brokerage sharing.

To join Angel One DRA program, you must have a Demat account with Angel One. If you have a Demat Account in Angel One then you can join the Draw program by following the steps given below.

1. Click on the link after which a new page will open – Angel One DRA

2. Enter your mobile number then click on Send OTP

3. After this verify your mobile number

4. Fill in your name, city and enter referral code as AHWAH

5. Click on Become a Partner, your application will be submitted.

2 days after application submission, you will receive ID and password on your email, after which you can log in to Angel One DRA program.

If you do not have an account in Angel One then you can open your account by clicking on the link. By opening an account in Angel One through this link, you will be automatically connected to the DRA program.

Angel One Account Opening

How to Login Angel One Partner Program

After joining Angel One Partner Program, you become a Referral Associate. You have to search Angel one DRa login on Google and then click on Login.

After this you have to fill your DRA TAG, after which it will come on your registered mobile number. Fill the OTP, click on Verify OTP, then enter your password and log in.

Angel One Dra Refer and Earn

After joining Angel One DRA program, you get Rs 200 and 20% brokerage sharing on every referral. Along with this, if your referee also gets someone to join, then you also get 20% brokerage commission from him.

In this way, you can earn more brokerage and generate passive income by getting more and more people to join the Angel One DRA program.

How to refer someone to Angel One DRA?

  1. It is very easy to refer someone after joining Angel One DRA. First of all you have to log in to Angel One DRA Account.
  2. After this click on MIS in Sales
  3. After this you will see all the products of Angel One

To refer any product, click on Refer a Client after which you will get the referral link. You can make anyone join Angel One with the referral link.

Benefits of Angel One Partner Program

  1. Per Refer – Rs.200
  2. Unlimited Refer & No limit
  3. No Voucher Only Real Money Earn
  4. 20% Brokerage Sharing
  5. Level 2 20% Brokerage Sharing
  6. Automatic Withdrawal on Bank Account

How to withdraw money?

In Angel One Draw program, the referral money is automatically transferred to the bank by 7th of the next month. In this way you can withdraw the money earned from Angel One Draw.

Angel one DRA withdraw money charges

5% charges are deducted on withdrawal of money from Angel one DRA. If you have earned Rs 200 from the DRA program in a month, then Rs 190 will be transferred to your account in the next month.

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