Angel One Account Opening Full Process with Screenshot

Angel One is a Best Full Service Broker. In this you can do both trading and investing. The process of opening Angel One Account is given below in which I have explained step by step to open the account.

Account Opening Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Registered mobile Number with Bank
  • Registered mobile Number with AAdhar
  • Bank Account Detail
  • Selfie

Account Opening Charges

There is no charge to open an account in Angel One, however, you have to pay annual AMC charge which is Rs.240 + Tax/Year. In this, AMC charge is not to be paid in the first year.

Account Opening Process

1. Click on the link after which Google Play Store will open. – Angel One Account Opening

2.After this download Angel One app and then open it.

3. After this click on signup

4. Enter mobile number and referral code then click on Next

5. After this, click on Grant Permission and allow the permission of SMS, Location, Contacts.

6. Verify your mobile number then click on Next

7. After this click on Continue With Google. You can also enter another Gmail ID.

8. After this fill your PAN Number and Father Name then click on Submit.

9. After this the digital eKYC page will open. Accept the Terms & Conditions then click on Authenticate Aadhaar.

10. After this, enter your Aadhaar number, then fill Captcha and click on Next.

11. After this, an OTP will come on your mobile number, fill it and then click on continue.

12. After this, you have to enter the 6 digit PIN of DigiLocker and then click on Continue.

13. After this click on Allow. After this the details of Aadhar card will appear on the screen.

14. After this the message of successfully received documents will appear.

15. Enter your bank account number, IFSC code then click on submit

16. After this, click on Open Camera, then allow the permission of the camera and take your selfie.

17.After the photo is captured, click on Save & Continue

18.After this, sign on the mobile screen and then click on Submit.

After this a new page will open. In which you will be asked to activate Derivatives (F&O, currency, Commodities). If you want to trade in F&O, currency, Commodities then click on Proceed or you can also click on Do It Later.

19. Click on Proceed then fill OTP. After this click on Confirm

20. Click on Link and Provide Consent, then fill OTP and then click on Confirm.

21. Fill Annual Income then click on Next

22. After this select Employment Type then click on Next

23. Select your Gender, Marital Status and Fund Settlement Frequency then click on Proceed

After this there will be an option to fill the details of the nominee. If you want to fill Nominee details then click on Add Nominee otherwise click on Do It Later.

24. After this, the Esign page will open, after which fill the Aadhar number and then click on Send OTP.

25. Verify the OTP, after which the message Document received will appear in which it will be written that your account will be opened within 3 days.

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is angel one sebi registered ?

Yes, angel one is sebi registered company. This company is registered with SEBI under the name Angel Broking Ltd.

is Angel one demat account free ?

Yes, there is no need to pay any money to open Demat and trading account in Angel One. You can open a free account in this.

is angel one cdsl or nsdl ?

angel one is a depository participant with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

does angel one charge for cancelled orders ?

Yes, angel one charges for cancellation of orders.

does angel one charges for account opening

No, Angel One does not charge any charges for opening an account.

does angel one charges brokerage

Yes, Angel One Equity Delivery Charge is Free but it charges ₹20/Executed Order in Intraday, ₹20/Executed Order in Option and ₹20/Executed Order or 0.25% in Future.

can we delete angel one account

Yes, you can delete your angel one account.

can i use angel one outside india

Yes, you can delete your angel one account.

how much angel one charges for delivery

Delivery charges in angel one are zero rupees i.e. no charges have to be paid on delivery.

How delete angel one account

To delete angel one account, one has to download “Angel One Account Closure Form PDF”. The form has to be filled and sent to the branch office. After this the account gets deleted.

What is angel one brokerage charges

Delivery Charges in Angel One are Zero, Intraday charges are ₹ 20 / Executed Order Or 0.03%, Options Charges are ₹ 20 / Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower).

When angel one market open

angel one market opens at 9:15 am.

Which is better angel one or zerodha

angel one is a full service broker and zerodha is a discount broker, both are good brokers in their place. Most people use zerodha for trading.

which is better angel one or groww

angel one is a full service broker and groww is a discount broker, both are good brokers in their place. Groww is famous for investing in mutual fund.

who is owner of angel one

Dinesh D. Thakkar is the founder of angel one. He established this company on 8 August 1996.

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